Can I Change My Visitor Visa (B1/B2) To A Work Visa?

The short answer is NO. However, there are other avenues that can possibly lead to getting a Work Visa, and even a Green Card. The categories of people who are permitted to work in the USA:

  • People who have filed for Asylum or Refugee

  • People who have filed for a Green Card

  • Spouses of persons who have certain types of Visas

  • People who have been granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

  • People who have Deferred Enforced Departure (DED)

  • People with and F-1 Student Visa under certain conditions

  • People with and F-1 Student Visa who apply for Optional Practical Training

  • K-1 Fiance Visa Holders

  • People who have been granted a Withholding Of Deportation by an immigration judge

  • People who have granted Deferred Action

  • People who have been granted Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

  • People who have petitioned for a Green Card via the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)


If you can find a way to legitimately apply for and/or acquire one of the Visas above, you would be eligible to apply for a Work Visa. This is not something you should attempt to do on your own. If you apply for a Work Visa and are denied, it could lead to your Visitor Visa being revoked and you would most likely be expected to leave the country immediately. Call our office for a consultation.

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