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What To Do If You Have Been Waiting A Long Time For Your Petition To Be Processed By USCIS

Since 9/11, the wait times for certain Green Card, Asylum, Refugee, and Naturalization petitions take longer than expected. USCIS posts wait times on it's website, but if there is an FBI background check going on behind the scenes, it could take months or even years. However, sometimes your file is just sitting on someone's desk collecting dust. Sometimes the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing at USCIS, etc.

To find out what is going on with your petition I would suggest the following steps, in order:

  1. Check out your case status online here.

  2. Send in an electronic request here. They have 30 days to respond but it's usually faster.

  3. Call the USCIS help desk: 800-375-5283

  4. Schedule an Info Pass at your local USCIS office here.

  5. If all of the above fails, hire an attorney to fix it here.

Contact us for a free consultation here.

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